How To Compare SEO Companies? A Definitive Guide!

The SEO industry has exploded in the last decade. More new agencies are coming up, and each one makes the same, old promise of taking your website to the top of Google’s search results. Brands often end up with the wrong SEO agency, eventually losing out on opportunities. There are many cases, where the wrong approach of an agency has caused massive reputation damage to websites. In short, you must do your homework for comparing SEO companies, and in this post, we are sharing a guide that may come handy.

  1. Check the initial response. You have enquired about their services. The next step is to wait and watch the responsiveness of an SEO service. Check if the company comes up with a quote or is more interested in your requirements. The first call/chat/meeting with an agency determines a lot of things, and you want a company that’s focused and keen on customizing their services for your brand goals.
  2. Transparency counts. What’s their approach to link building? What are the different SEO strategies and practices they follow on a regular basis? Who will be responsible for answering your queries? Always work with a SEO agency that understands your needs and is transparent enough to discuss their work and practices.
  3. The commitment/contract matters. Some SEO agencies often offer a discount for new clients would sign up for a year or two-year contract. Now that’s the worst mistake a brand can make, because unless you are sure of the services a company can offer, it’s foolish to rely on them for the long term. Look for agencies that are ready for short-term contracts, not exceeding 6 months at best.

Beyond the pricing

SEO can be contained within a budget, and it is necessary to get an estimate, but when you are comparing agencies, you have to look beyond the price. It is necessary to evaluate the work profile of a company, the range of projects they have handled so far, and their overall expertise in the industry. This may mean asking for references, uncomfortable questions, but you have to keep a check on what they can provide for your brand’s current status. If the same company can also handle PPC, search marketing, and social, that’s always an added advantage, as they can manage the entire campaign.

Everything should start with a free website audit, so get your website checked first before you give away the SEO contract.

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