Selecting Web Design Firms For Business Websites: Check This Guide!

As much as 90% of Singapore’s population has access to the internet, and close to 85% are mobile users. Brands and companies have no choice but to mark their online presence, and it all starts with a website. Your business website is the face of your brand for any online user, and must be designed to represent your products and services in an apt way. Of course, you need to find an agency that specializes in web design Singapore. In this post, we are discussing what it takes to find a company for business websites.


Business websites are different from personal blogs and portals that focus on people. You need the design and theme to be appealing enough for the target audience, and at the same time, the functionality of the portal has to be on point. In short, you need a web design company that has some experience of working with businesses. They should have the resources and manpower to design websites for small and large brands alike. If required, ask for client references to know their market standing.


The simplest and most effective way of evaluating a web design company is to check their profile. We are not talking of just numbers here. A company may have done 50 great websites, and you cannot compare their work with another that has designed hundreds of websites but with difference. Diversity in work profile, especially with regards to business websites, is critical. A reliable and experienced web design company would be able to tell design difference between a small startup’s needs and an ecommerce site.


Eventually, everything boils down to pricing. In general, the cost of designing a business website is higher than that of regular blogs, but let the companies offer an estimate. You don’t set a budget right away, because you would get dozens of quotes. Price alone should never be the reason to select a web design service, but if a company is charging way below the average, you know they are cutting costs in some way or the other.

Many firms in Singapore also offer SEO, PPC and other online marketing services with web design, which could be a good advantage for smaller businesses. You can hire the same company and allow them to complete the entire project, with SEO and marketing in focus. Just make sure that you have checked all the costing details in advance.

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